The role of the general contractor in the management of a project

The general contractor plays an important role in the management of a project. You can expect the following from him.

The general contractor is your main contact and must inform you of the technical elements related to your project. When analyzing the plans submitted by professionals, your contractor should explain in detail how your project will be built. It is not easy for everyone to fully understand all the details of a plan. On the other hand, the general contractor analyses them every day. So, it’s easy for him to see all the important details. It is even necessary for him to suggest certain ways of doing things to you before you formally commit to him. He can also, in some cases, offer you options that are not in the plan in order to meet your expectations and needs.

Once the offer has been accepted, the general contractor must coordinate the project as a whole. He is the one who submits a precise schedule to you concerning the beginning and the end of the work and coordinates all the different professionals who will work on the site. Whether the company is in the contractor’s initial mandate or hired directly by the client, it is the general contractor’s responsibility to properly coordinate everyone and inform each company of the progress of the project and the respective schedules.

Once the work has begun, the general contractor must have someone assigned on site to organize the work of all the parties involved. The resource person must understand the plans. He is the person who must answer the subcontractors’ questions and tell them what work needs to be done. Adequate follow-up must be done with the client to be able to control the changes he will want to make along the way and notify the people involved on the site.

The general contractor is the primary link between the client and all project stakeholders. He is the resource that allows you to talk to one person and avoid omissions between the different professionals.

In short, the general contractor allows you to plan your project well, organize the work, lead the parties involved and control what is done.  By choosing the right contractor, you will have peace of mind and your project will run smoothly!

If you have a project in mind, we will be happy to give you advice before you officially engage in this process which will only make you grow!

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