The realization stages of a construction plan

Before starting a construction or renovation project, there are several preliminary steps which need to be completed.

It is very important to be well prepared as there can be surprises in cost and delays in the task.


At first, before engaging in any actions or spending funds related to the execution of a new project, you need to have an overview of the expenditures related to it. To do it, your contractor can suggest that you show him briefly your project (2 weeks).


Once you agree with the initial budget, you need to search for a financial institution for a pre-authorized loan (if needed) (2 weeks).


Afterward, when you have your funds available to you, you need to get in more details in the task you wish to complete. Hence, you need to have exhaustive plans to be able to map out all the cost related to the job. To do it, you can opt for a contractor who offers a turnkey service or you can give your business to an architectural or designer firm (6 weeks).


With your entire project in hand, you will be able to choose your main contractor. You can then convey his service offer with the relative cost to your financial institution to finalize your loan (2 weeks).


You also need to obtain the authorization of the municipality for the required construction permit. Once again, your contractor or even you can apply for these papers (4 weeks)


As you can note, there are several steps prior to the realization of a project. It is required to start well in advance to be able to respect your timeline.


As a General Contractor, we go through this process several times per months for our customers. That is why we are able to offer you a complete service from start to finish.  This way, you do not need to worry about the paperwork.

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