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Regardless the type of your project, it must correspond to many criteria

Protech relies on an experienced team dedicated to making each of your projects an outstanding success!

There are many factors contributing to your success in business. A high-quality layout of your commercial areas can make all the difference. Restaurant, boutique, office, clinic… whatever your type of business, the place where you welcome your clientele should reflect the best of all worlds: a functional, pleasant, ergonomic and efficient business space.

Protech Construction is a highly experienced contractor for whom the design of commercial areas holds no secrets.

You can count on us to:

● Optimize your spaces to reduce your rent cost;
● Increase the efficiency of your personnel to reduce labor cost;
● Improve client loyalty and retention rate to keep your client;
● Boost your company revenue and profitability.

Development of commercial spaces

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A commercial design service that makes all the difference

In order to achieve top-of-the-line results, you need to be able to count on the intervention of several certified professionals. At Protech, ensuring the success of your project is a team of experts consisting of a qualified contractor ably assisted by architects, designers, engineers and other professionals in the field. From simple adaptations to turnkey and LEED-certified projects, our specialists have all the necessary competencies to successfully execute all sizes and types of projects.

Protech is a general contractor who does things differently. Our expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art equipment are major assets for ensuring the success of any construction or commercial design project.

A picture is worth a thousand words… and so is the appearance of your business!

Working with our team of experts is one decision you will never regret.

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Interior Design

Optimizing the design of your commercial area is the key to achieving your business objectives. Protech’s expertise in this field is your “ace in the hole” for achieving success!

Every commercial design project involves precise and unique requirements relating to its particular context. A well-designed area is a key component for reaching business objectives! Re-designing your space in accordance with these objectives is therefore a profitable investment for your enterprise.

At Protech Construction, designing all types of commercial spaces has been a specialty for many years.

Your commercial area represents your main “display window” for both clients and employees. It’s the perfect place for creating a great impression! A properly designed space is an excellent way to showcase your business.

Protech Construction offers clients a turnkey approach, which means that we accompany you from the beginning to the end of a project. In doing so, we make sure that each design project is completed in accordance with established timelines and budgets, regardless of size or complexity.

So go ahead, give us a mandate to do for you what we’ve been doing for others for many years: provide you with a design that will bring you closer to your clients and your business objectives!

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Design of Your Project

Starting with the initial design concept, Protech takes all the necessary steps to ensure the complete success of your projects. Our rigorous approach from day one guarantees the proper unfolding of your projects!

Every successful commercial construction and design project begins with meticulous planning. This is the crucial step where budget, timelines and final design are adopted. All too often, clients neglect this and live to regret it afterwards.

For years now, Protech Construction has used its designing expertise for the benefit of clients and their commercial areas. You can count on us to manage all the intervenants who will be involved. 

Executing a commercial design project is one thing. Making it exceptional however requires taking the time to properly analyze your needs and priorities in order to make the best decisions.

Whether dealing with project management, the hiring of external resources, permit acquisition or design concept, your contractor must be able to make the necessary adjustments to meet your particular requirements. This implies correctly understanding who you are and where you wish to go.

At Protech Construction, this is more than a work method: it is a business philosophy. When you call on us, you enlist a partner who is committed to achieving the kind of success that truly reflects your image.

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Building Construction

How do you ensure success in the construction of your commercial spaces? You start by hiring a competent contractor!

In its role as general contractor, Protech has handled the management and construction of projects since 1993. Working with us results in the following benefits:

● Optimization of project construction time;
● Expert advice in the selection of materials;
● Reliance on a network of experienced partners;
● Better return on investment due to the avoidance of budget overruns.

Choosing a contractor that can guide you from start to finish of your project is a major advantage. It is your assurance of being able to count on a partner that can provide you with sound advice throughout the unfolding of operations.

A general contractor is a professional whose capabilities in project management and resource organisation will save you time and money. From the stage of framing to the actual interior design, his intervention can have a major impact on the final results. At Protech, this has been our way of building for many years.

Entrusting the construction of your building to our team means enlisting the services of a partner who can make each of your projects a resounding success.