Partnership with Daoust Eco-efficient Cleaning

For over 2 years now, we have been helping the Daoust franchise expand.

In 2015, the Daoust/Forget company was bought out by Mr Lionel Frérot, from Europe. The goal of the company buyout was to expand its eco-efficient cleaning system to Québec.

It was in 2015 that we met Mr Lionel Frérot and that he explained his eco-efficient cleaning project to us.

Being experts in industrial design and in construction, we were able to offer him a new image to better reflect his new concept.

For over 2 years now, we have been overhauling the remaining Daoust/Forget branches to turn them into Daoust Eco-efficient.

Several new branches have also opened thanks to new franchisees who were ready to invest in this new concept.

We have the right team to turn your ideas into reality. From developing a new concept to implementing your project, we can take care of all steps and assist you throughout the whole process. We handle the practical implementation of your new projects as well as their progress, white you focus on expanding your new network.

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