How to redesign a restaurant during a pandemic

The year 2020 has brought its share of change and adaptation, particularly for the catering industry. Faced with these new challenges, Protech wanted to put its expertise at the service of restaurateurs to help them adjust to the context to better serve their customers.

The most recent project was undertaken with the New Verdun restaurant in Montreal, a family restaurant that specializes in a diverse comfort food menu and has been doing this for over 60 years now. The second wave of dining room closures for restaurants was an opportunity for the owners: why not take advantage of this opportunity to renovate the dining room and redesign the counter for takeaway meals?

The partner Nick Tsoukalas is currently collaborating on the project: “By creating a new access dedicated solely to takeaway orders, we will be able to optimise customer traffic in the restaurant for the reopening of the dining room.” In fact, two separate entrances have been provided so as not to disturb the customers who are installed in the dining room with the to and fro movements of the customers and deliverymen of the takeaway section. It is therefore possible to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere for those in the dining room.

Each restaurant is unique and that is why the Protech team is always ready to adapt to the customer’s specific situation. For the New Verdun restaurant, the addition of this section also meant reviewing the entrances facing the street. Our architects and designers, specialised in the field, accompany the client with care to optimise the space available in the restaurant. This follow-up is done in accordance with municipal regulations, but above all by taking into account the client’s needs and the business potential that the project will allow him to develop.

Regardless of the location or type of space, the team is dedicated to creating tailor-made solutions that will allow its clients to continue to develop their potential in today’s environment. Redesigning the premises with the addition of a takeaway section can be implemented efficiently, but above all for the benefit of visitors, who will appreciate being able to enjoy an indoor or takeaway experience without causing any disturbance.