Design and construction: uniting strength for the benefit of the client

Over the years, we have developed a unique approach to ensure customer satisfaction. But we would not have done it alone. Over time, we have built lasting relationships, based on mutual respect, with several suppliers and partners, including interior designers.

We believe it is essential to establish good collaboration between us from the very design stage of the project drawings. Whether you need the services of a designer or you are looking for a reliable contractor to work with, this is a win-win situation for everyone, especially the client.

The design-build approach


At Protech, we prioritize a design-build strategy. In this way, we can determine the client’s real needs, to establish all the costs related to the construction, renovation, or expansion.

The earlier we are involved in the project, the more our expertise takes shape. From the location of the premises to the drawing of the plans, the signing of the lease and the inventory of the necessary equipment, we take care of everything. With us, the client has peace of mind: he or she knows what to expect. There are no omissions, no last-minute extras.

We aim for complete satisfaction from the early stages of the project to final delivery. This is our work ethic.

The benefits of the partnership


The approach we advocate benefits all our partners when we work jointly on a project.

Our expertise is at your service for everything related to construction: budget, timetable, site preparation, progress monitoring, etc. Not to mention that we are always available to help and advise you, if needed.

Together, we are a team. We work respectfully and move in the same direction. The strength of this collaboration culminates into a complete turnkey service for the client and, ultimately, outstanding projects that we will be proud of.

The last words


We like to take on challenges and push our limits. By working together with interior designers, we continually innovate and take pleasure in creating modern, unique, timeless pieces.

Most importantly, as we work together, we expand our network of partners and build lasting relationships. We surround ourselves with trusted collaborators, who share our values, to help us exceed our clients’ expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss a partnership with us!