The Construction Industry during the COVID-19 era: Disruptions and Adaptations

The year 2020 and the coronavirus will most certainly make history. We must forget our old habits and focus on the new measures imposed by the tidal wave that is COVID-19. This unprecedented crisis has completely disrupted our lives, our daily routine and our work techniques. No area has been spared and nothing will ever be exactly the same again.

The construction industry, which has been severely affected, had to quickly adapt to meet stringent safety standards and protect its workers. It continues to do so, and this is just the beginning.

A cautious recovery


Since May 11, activities have resumed on all construction sites. However, several measures have been implemented and could have an impact on work and schedules.

After daily validation of the health condition of his workers, the employer has to plan the work keeping in mind the respect of social distancing. By its very nature, construction is often a field requiring proximity and this simple measure alone represents a major challenge.

On construction sites, strict hygiene measures must be observed. Frequent hand washing, regular disinfection of surfaces and, where possible, prohibition to share tools between workers.

In addition, there are specific procedures if a co-worker has been infected with COVID-19 or if a workplace has been contaminated. Safety is paramount and nothing is left to chance.

Long-term impacts


Unfortunately, no one can predict when this crisis will be over for good or what long-term effects will be left behind. We have reason to believe that some impacts will be permanent and that many changes will remain. The coronavirus will probably forever leave its mark in the construction industry, and not only with regard to methods, but also with regard to plans.

Some of the sectors that are more impacted will have to completely review their work methods and rethink the configuration of their offices, lounges or clinics to comply with the new health measures.

Changes in the medical environment


This situation particularly affects medical, medical-aesthetic and dental clinics, which have been facing stricter standards in recent weeks. In order to ensure the health and safety of both patients and employees, these rules and measures will possibly continue to be implemented over the coming months and years.

New standards mean new challenges and rethinking the organization. In other words, the current configuration must be adapted to provide a safe and regulatory environment, without neglecting the functional and user-friendly aspects.

If not already done, common areas, such as the reception and waiting room, will need to be reviewed to respect social distancing. For dental clinics, which often offer their services in open offices, patients should now, ideally, be treated in closed rooms.

Fast enough, most clinics found temporary solutions. But in the long term, it will probably be more about retrofitting and renovating to meet new standards.

Next steps…


At Protech, we are committed to the health and safety of our customers and workers. On the one hand, we have set up strict rules on construction sites; on the other hand, we can help you with the configuration of your clinic, restaurant or business. Our team works tirelessly to help you see things more clearly and to avoid any negative impact on your business. Contact us to discuss the solutions available to you. Let’s stick together and we’ll get through this together!