Carry out a project in Quebec (legal framework)

Each province has special laws governing construction. It is therefore very important to know well, and be informed of the regulations in force. Here are the main legal and organizational rules in Quebec and the Canada.


We know that in Canada, the legal system refers to a system of justice based on two languages (french and english) and two legal traditions:

the civil Code in Quebec ( and the Common Law ( for the rest of the Canada.


In Quebec, various organizations govern the construction industry.

The rules in regards to each of them must be respected by any company working in the construction field.


Régie du bâtiment du Québec ( ) : Adopts by regulation of the construction standards, safety and professional qualification. It delivers the license to contractors.

Commission de la construction du Québec ( ) is responsible for the application of the law on labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry

Committee on standards, equity, health and safety at work ( ) promotes and regulates the rights and obligations related to work and ensuring compliance.

Association de la construction du Québec ( ) is the most important management industry consolidation in the institutional, commercial and industrial sector.

National building code ( Contains technical provisions for the design, construction and the transformation of buildings.

Municipal level : Each municipality has its own regulations concerning construction, display and occupation. They are the ones who issue the permits.

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