Brief assessment of construction costs

Before starting a project, it is necessary to know how much our investment could cost.


When we want to launch ourselves into a new project, it is necessary to know what amount of money we have to invest.

In construction, costs are estimated by the square foot (ft2) of the area of a project.

If you want a good idea of the cost of your project, it is easy to do it yourself with several scales already established by approved organizations.

Depending on the type of business and on the construction you want done, here is a list of costs per square foot according to the Quebec Construction Association.

*source :


Project type Cost per square foot
Retail 75,00 $ /ft2
Supermarket 85,00 $ / ft2
Office building (2-4 floors) 139,00 $ /ft2
Hotel (4-7 floors) 166,00 $ /ft2
Restaurant 173,00 $ /ft2
Fast food 169,00 $ /ft2
Health clinic (2 floors) 178,00 $ /ft2
Factory (1 floor) 98,00 $ /ft2


As for us, when we take on a project in collaboration with a client, our prices are very competitive compared to market prices.

If you want to learn more when it comes to your project, contact us!

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