A unique living environment is gradually emerging in the Richelieu Valley. A neighborhood is spreading by offering single-family residences of various sizes, to which are added many local services.

Offices for professionals, financial services, business center, pharmacy, medical clinic, various restaurants and cafes, markets and specialty shops, training and well-being center as well as a service center will be offered on the site, welcoming the many travelers taking the Highway 20 every day.

At the origin of this project, the Simoneau and Pillenière families shared the same vision: That of offering a living environment in accordance with the current values, that is to say a community of active citizens, concerned about the environment and committed to responsible development. In this context, one of their objectives is to offer various active modes of travel to citizens; multifunctional walks integrating pedestrian corridors and bike paths as well as electrified transport. All this in a spirit of enhancement of the natural environment, preservation of sensitive environments and visual integration at the prestigious Golf of the Richelieu Valley.

The developer innovates with an integrated project approach that differs significantly from traditional sites by offering a complex in relation to its space and its environment. This project offers you a community offering conviviality, social interaction and a sense of belonging in a safe environment.

The commercial complex stands out by:

  • Outstanding visibility and rapid accessibility to Highway 20;
  • Easy access to parking lots;
  • Accessibility facilitated by large halls and elevators;
  • A luminosity accentuated by a vast fenestration;
  • An agora and a pedestrian walkway at the heart of the project;
  • Architectural uniformity and timeless style;
  • Spaces available for sale or rent;
  • Advantageous occupancy costs;
  • Modular premises according to your needs: 400, 800, 2,000 or 12,000 sq. Ft .;
  • A committed team accompanying you in your success!
  • Overall project plan

Plan de projet global

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