An innovative mobile clinic for dental facilities

Innovation plays a major role in the construction industry. With new techniques, emerging materials and innovative projects, the industry is constantly renewing itself.

At Protech, we are committed to embracing change and always strive to go beyond the trends and needs of our customers. In fact, we are currently working on a new project that could greatly facilitate the life of dentists when they carry out dental work.

A mobile dental facility for continuous operation

Indeed, we are currently developing the concept of a mobile dental facility. We came up with this project while searching for a way to disrupt the daily lives of dentists and their patients as little as possible during a renovation or expansion project.

In particular, the mobile clinic will be helpful in ensuring that patients keep their appointments even when their dental clinic is closed while construction work is in progress. Dentists will therefore be able to continue to provide their services as comfortably as possible and under the best possible conditions. There will be no closures, no rescheduling of appointments and no loss of income for dentists.

This mobile dental clinic is a continuation of the support we offer our clients and allows us to improve our current service. Dentists will thus be able to enjoy even more comprehensive care and be able to concentrate on their patients even during construction works.

In short, it is a project that is likely to delight both dental professionals and patients!

A mobile clinic available as from 2021?

We already have plans and 3D models to show you. Our mobile clinic will be available as from spring 2021!

Protech Construction Mobile dental clinic

We are very excited about the progress of this project, which is gradually turning into a reality. In fact, we have already started with reservations for 2021. Hence, if you are planning to carry out a construction project in your clinic and are thinking of using our mobile dental facility, it is possible to book it now.

Innovation at the heart of our concerns

We sincerely believe that this mobile clinic will be a great addition to Protech. A unique, ambitious, and very useful project, which once again demonstrates our willingness to put forward the needs of our clients.

We are always full of ideas and are constantly looking for ways to improve our techniques and innovate in the way we work. Our customers inspire us, and we love to interact with them. That is where we get our best ideas from and that is what keeps us moving forward.

If you are interested in this project, if you would like to book the mobile dental clinic or simply want to discuss innovation with us, please contact us!