Advantages of Renting VS Buying an Office Space

To buy or to rent, that is the question that most people ask themselves for their business. Here are the advantages of each of them:


Rent a space:

  1. Commercial space rent allows you to have a business address without investing a capital. Your monthly cash flow allows you to pay your monthly rent.
  2. It is much easier to relocate your office space by expanding or reducing the size and cost of your business if your business is growing up or scaling down.
  3. Your monthly rent is much less than buying a building. This allows you to invest in other profitable activities.


Buying a space:

  1. Your monthly cost is greater but your capital gain increases each year and it allows you to build your assets for the future.
  2. When you invest your fund in the development of your layout and your interior, you have immovable assets and can be sold in the future.
  3. As you are the owner, there is no increase in rental fee and the lease payment is stable.


It all depends on your specific needs as a business and you have to choose the options that fit your requirements.

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