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Protech Construction

Commercial design that goes way beyond a construction service

Protech creates strategic designs that favour quality of life in the workplace. In doing so, we contribute to the productivity of your enterprise!

The proper design of commercial spaces requires much more than the simple hiring of a contractor for a couple of weeks. It implies making strategic choices to ensure the progress of your enterprise based on the quality of your environment and the wellbeing of your team.

At Protech, the design of commercial areas is a process that begins with the initial concept and ends with the final construction of actual workspace environments. We intervene in a turnkey manner not only to give the enterprise a new image, but also to ensure greater stability through a higher quality of life provided to employees.

Don’t leave the success of your enterprise to fate! Entrusting its design to our team means you can count on results that measure up to your ambitions.

The values anchored within
our company

To be recognized as a leader in the interior design of commercial and industrial spaces, and also acknowledged for surpassing client expectations.

Accompanying you in your project to achieve success is our priority.


We assure you that you will be satisfied with our services. We remain attentive to your needs before, during and after your project.


We make sure to keep you informed daily of all our steps on your project.


Our team is at your disposal whatever your needs and at the time you need us.


Our relationships are based on the mutual respect of our clients and all project intervenants.

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It's not enough to build,
we have to conceive

We are more than a simple supplier for our clients. We see ourselves as a dedicated partner involved in the wellbeing of each and every member of their team. Our total commitment to our clients makes it possible for us to achieve the best results time and time again.

For us, a commercial design is not limited to the construction of a building. First we must propose a concept that projects elegance while integrating the client’s true image. A refined design and an ergonomically efficient layout are an integral part of the objectives of every project we undertake.

Chez Protech Construction, nous croyons que la croissance d’une entreprise repose d’abord sur la qualité des individus qui y travaillent. Pour exploiter leur potentiel au maximum, il faut pouvoir offrir ce qu’il se fait de mieux comme espace de travail.

- The direction

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Choosing Protech Construction,
is to choose a trusted partner

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Training and ongoing improvement are core Protech strategies. From the latest trends to the most recent technological advances, we remain on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the industry.

If you want to make sure to hire the best supplier for the design of your commercial spaces, you have to choose a contractor whose team is in tune with the latest advances of the industry.

A well-trained team is a top priority at Protech Construction. We’ve managed to maintain a leadership position in the design of commercial spaces over all these years by offering our clients a novel approach in constant evolution.

When you entrust the design of your commercial projects to our team, you’re hiring experts who master the best procedures: a sure way to ensure a higher quality result at all times.

What are the benefits for you?

  • A team that masters the latest practices

  • Work processes in constant evolution

  • A better return on your investment

  • A quick and efficient way of ensuring anticipated results