A Franchise, a Proven Recipe, a Common Design

The term ‘franchise’ can evoke various thoughts… For some, the first idea that comes to their mind when hearing the word is a restaurant chain, while for others it is a tested recipe, a proven method, a consistent know-how and guidance, or even a brand image, a logo.


So what do these perceptions have in common? Uniformity. Consistency. Standardization.


The strength of a franchise chain is in the consistent replication of a common concept, from one point of service to another. Our experience begins at the doorstep. Well, nowadays it often starts with the company’s website and social media.


As soon as we open the door, we start looking around, taking in every detail: furnishings, lighting, paintings, decorations, scents, music, noise, space… All of these elements speak to us.


As we step inside, all five senses are engaged. And the first one is our sense of sight. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. By the way, did you know that the brain stores visual information in a way to ensure easier access to it compared to sounds? We instantaneously associate the image, the sight with several factors, such as emotions, smells, a story shared, which all reinforce our experience.


One Network, One Common Design


Deciding on the decor, the setting… When making your business plans, hiring the right contractor can make a big difference, not only for your franchise location, but also for the whole network. It is the domino effect. “Each domino tile is crucial for the strength of the whole arrangement. Each one becomes an essential element of the composition where it is placed in a fine balance with the other pieces. Standing up, it is a pillar for the growing, expanding domino run; but should it fall, it will force all the other domino tiles down with it.”(read The Strength of Franchising)


For example, if the marketing department guarantees a quality product to the customer, but once there, the environment does not deliver on the promises, it is the customer’s perception of the banner and the brand image that suffer (even if the product itself is up to par). And for the customer, the chain becomes associated with shabby decorations. Consistency and rigor are at the top of the priority list, from the design to the operation of the franchise, including the quality of service.


In addition to being appealing and functional, the space must be well-utilized, efficient and ergonomically designed. The layout is another factor that has an effect on the quality of life of the employees, which in its turn affects organizational performance, which in itself is critical to the profitability of your business. Another example of the domino effect… Moreover, the optimization of space could also reduce your rent costs. Not to mention its effect on customer loyalty…


Let’s also talk about the smells, sounds, as well as marketing and promotional tools – everything that relates to the experience of your customers (and your employees). A franchisee must make sure that every detail of the concept is respected at his branch. The essence of franchising is in delivering consistent customer experience across the network.


So how do we find this outstanding franchisee who would manage his franchise business with the same attention to detail and dedication as if he himself were at the origins of the brand? Teaming up with FlagFranchise is the answer.


FlagFranchise is a new web-based matching platform that allows you to measure the potential compatibility of an aspiring franchisee with the culture and the requirements of your network. The goal: easily identify the best fit, both professionally and personally.


Enjoy consistent growth… designed for success!

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