A comparative overview of the contractors’ bids

How to effectively compare different contractors’ bids

We have observed over time that several factors influence considerately the budget presentation whenever a client receives contractor’s bids for a project.

At times, the differences in the prices between contractors can be very wide. Yet at the on start, everyone was given the same information and the same plans.

We will hereby explain the major factors that can be responsible for variation in prices.

Firstly, customers are usually not fully aware about the details been drawn on the plans presented to them. In this light, the contractors receive the plans and proceed with the evaluations of the costs related to the various products and materials that are been suggested on the plans. In some cases, the professionals responsible for drawing the plans do so according to what seems good without necessarily evaluating the possible costs of the proposed materials. In some cases, contractors accept materials drawn directly from the plan and in other cases, some might go ahead to suggest equivalent materials susceptible of reducing the cost of construction, while preserving a similar design and maintaining the quality.

The deadline scheduled for work is also a factor to take in account. There are certain normal deadlines fixed for the execution of construction work (both for the work preparation and construction). If you wish to have a project on time and reduce delays so that your project is delivered in a shorter time, additional costs are foreseeable.Teams will thereby overlap with one another and work evenings and/or weekends. A move that increases the cost of construction due to higher wage and for the fact that several people are to work at the same time, resulting in a decreased in the site productivity.

The contractors’ specialty and experience can also cause variations in costs. If you wish having a restaurant built by a restaurant contractor, then the costs will certainly be less than when you choose to hire someone who has no experience in the field. By already having constructed several projects of the same type, contractors develop an expertise in doing so and know how to advise the client by adopting a way of working and building the project that will be equally more productive and in line with the real needs of the client.  Moreover, where a contractor is not specialized in a field, it is dangerous that he does not perceive certain particular things and that he becomes obliged to adjust his operating price in the construction process.

It hereby becomes very important to choose a contractor in whom you have full confidence and who is good at explaining the construction details and also who can assist you in saving money, while at the same time preserving a project of your image.

We will always be happy to assist you in looking at your project and advise you according to your needs!

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